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Helical Warm Shaft Company

Helical Warm Shaft Company

Being one of the best Helical Warm Shaft making company in Ahmdabad India, Shri Butbhavani Engineering offers a quality product in gear shaft industry.This is Stainless Steel Heavy Vehicle Helical Warm Shaft, For Automobile Industry.

  • Usage/Application : Automobile Industry
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Vehicle Type : Heavy Vehicle
  • Country of Origin : Made in India
  • Shaft Diameter : 90mm
  • Shaft Length : 500mm
  • Penion Diameter : 165mm
  • Price / Piece : 15000

Use of Helical Warm Shaft

The gears on a worm gear are helical; they are used to transmit power and motion between two non-intersecting shafts. There are three types of helical gear formations: spur, left hand, and right hand. The manufacture of worm gears involves left or right hand gears.


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