Rack and Pinion Company

Rack and Pinion Company

Rack and Pinion Company

Being one of the best rack and pinion manufacturing company in Gujrat India, Shri Butbhavani Engineering offers a wide range of rack and pinion with no quality compromise. A rack and pinion is a type of linear actuator that comprises a circular gear engaging a linear gear, which operate to translate rotational motion into linear motion. Driving the pinion into rotation causes the rack to be driven linearly. Driving the rack linearly will cause the pinion to be driven into a rotation.

  • Gear Type : Helical
  • Usage/Application : Automobile Industry
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Shape : Round
  • Diameter : 125 MM
  • Finishing : Galvanised
  • Price / Piece : Rs 2500
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 10 Piece

Use of Rack and Pinion

The rack and pinion gear set has two main functions: Conversion of the steering wheel's rotational motion into the linear motion needed for the vehicle's wheels to turn. Reduction of gears, which makes it easier for the steering wheel to turn the wheels.


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