Industrial Helical Rack Company

Industrial Helical Rack Company

Industrial Helical Rack

Industrial Helical Rack are an exceedingly efficient mechanism of transferring any kind of rotary motion into linear motion. Shri Butbhavani Engineering offers a Stainless Steel Spur Industrial Helical Rack, For Machinery purpose.This Helical Rack is completely rust prrof.The making metal for this helical rack is Stainless Steel.

  • Price / Piece : Rs 4000
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Usage/Application : Machinery
  • Shape : Spur
  • Color : Golden
  • Is It Rust Proof : Rust Proof
  • Country of Origin : Made in India
  • Width : 40mm

Use of Industrial Helical Rack

The most common use for helical gears is in automotive transmissions. Helical gears are ideal for high-speed applications because they suffer from less friction and wear than other gears, but they're still capable of transferring significant amounts of force.


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